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LioNKOREA has the resources and expertise to provide professional language services to clients in over 50 languages.
We have a global client base with world leading multilingual and translation technology that gives us the ability to achieve quality assurance at the
most reasonable price. We are also always ready and willing to integrate and adjust to clients’ internal
workflows, content management tools and financial systems to achieve required performance levels.
We strive to provide the best service and quality to all our clients through our quality system and professional working process adhering to global standards. If you are looking for a reliable translation company using the latest technological advances, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Meet our customized services targeted to meet your globalization needs

  • IT Manual, Mobile, Application, Programming, Network, OS, Computing, etc.
    The IT world changes rapidly and as such, IT translation requires expertise on IT trend and industry. LiONKOREA is localizing IT including software localization and translating various products. Rather than merely replacing words, it is necessary to translate technical terms into words that the user can easily understand and modify words/phrases according to local customs.
  • Tourism Website, Application, Promotion, etc.
    In addition to translation related to material for foreigners, LioNKOREA has been acknowledged for their translation work of tourist and sightseeing content geared towards travelers. Translations for such content are not just "translated" but the translated content must grasp the cultural differences between languages.
  • Marketing Website, Catalog, Copywriting, Keywords, Product Description, etc.
    We realize how much time, money and effort you spend on branding and marketing so we adhere to strict quality assurance processes This is especially apparent in material such as web content and marketing related documents. We work closely with you to adapt your marketing materials to local markets. We can rewrite or write a document by using the source document as reference, and specific translation requests can be handled.
  • Life Science CTA, ICF, CRP, CSR, etc.
    Our comprehensive solutions include a full suite of marketing of drugs, treatments designed to save lives, and e-clinical technologies that help our clients. The advancement of research/technology in the medical industry is remarkable and researchers from all over the world are collaborating and working hard. We’re a full service partner that supports all aspects of the development. We deliver high-quality translations to healthcare professionals across the world.
  • Legal Contract, Agreement
    We provide translation services for material concerningagreements, regulations and other law matters. We are able to handle various legal documents that are big in volume and highly legal in content with a quick turnaround..
  • Game In-game scripts, SW UIs, etc.
    Game localization is the process of modifying a video, computer, or mobile game to adapt to the needs and preferences of players in a different geographic region. Clients can utilize localization services when looking to expand their game to the world. Localization can be considered essential to be accessible for game users with a different native language.
  • Interpretation Our interpreters are language experts who have a deep understanding of clients’ needs
    With its huge pool of experienced interpreters, LioNKOREA can provide simultaneous interpretation, sequential interpretation, whispered interpretation to support international communication in various scenes. Interpreting requires the collaboration of interpreters and a coordinator. Since LioNKOREA has been involved in language-related services, we can coordinate the best interpreting team to meet the needs of our customers. Wherever you are in the world, seamless verbal communication without a language barrier is possible face-to-face or through communication technology such as Skype.
  • Multimedia V.O, Subtitle, etc.
    Our full suite of multimedia solutions also includes voice over and subtitling for any type of footage. Our expert multimedia team can ensure that content is translated to match the timing of the source footage, while still capturing the same meaning and tone of the original. For entertainment media, we provide creative copy adaptation to ensure any culture-specific dialogue is fully adapted to the target audience.
  • DTP
    LioNKOREA is known for handling manuals/documentation in the industry and has provided great designs over the years. Using our experience and knowledge of manuals/documentation, we can provide designs that have a user-perspective. As we have been providing localization services for a long time, we have been accumulating DTP knowledge that is specific to localization. We can propose an efficient work flow since DTP and design work can be handled together with translation and localization requests. As a translation company with extensive experience backed by technology, LioNKOREA offers a detail-oriented DTP service.

LioNKOREA is constantly working to affect real localization for our projects by considering local culture, perspectives, and linguistic subtleties. A large resource base of software, websites, guidance manuals and expertise forms the backbone of our translation and editing. We also invest in consultation with local authorities for a more effective global business.

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LioNKOREA provides localization services in more than 50 languages in 120 countries around the world.

    • Fast, Expedient Services LIONKOREA project managers and operations staff assigned per client work closely together to manage and identify the nature of each project while engaging in up-close communication with clients to enable an immediate, effective response to a multitude of customer demands
    • Optimal Cost-effectiveness LIONKOREA’s efficiently-designed infrastructure helps simplify operational processes, while the incorporation of CAT tools to meet client demands from the framework of our translation database, which ultimately aids in the reduction of total expenditure for the clients.
    • Unbeatable Quality LIONKOREA’s translation team, comprised of top-notch language specialists in each field, guarantee only the best in quality in expedient fashion, while our hand-picked list of talent, stemming from the plentiful resource of reviewers and native QA specialists, ensure optimal translation quality.
    • Multilingual Support LIONKOREA offers bilateral, multilingual translation services that include English, Chinese, and Japanese, among as many as 50 languages from countries all across the world through our global partnership network.
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